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While reading about some stories i started to think about what my sister is going thru. She is currently living with parents with kids and going thru a divorce. My parents are horrible to live with and are very trying people. One day she text me - she was upset she had to plans for the future

I remeber when i was in that position years ago.. The only thing that kept my hope up was that one future plan.. even if it is something stupid .. it could mean the difference between happiness to get thru that day... you have something to look forward to.. so i told her my story and asked her if she could do the same..

Its hard in this area to get excited about life but there are really SH***** times but there are really fun times to and you have to get excited about life!!!!! Things will work out in the end

I had been thru so much in my 35 years and even on days where I could not see anything good coming - i stuck it out and eventually good things did come.. it does happen - but you have to remain happy and know it will

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